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Whether you're building a consumer app designed to serve thousands of users or an internal app designed for your team - we've got you covered.
Project Mgmt

We'll light the way

As founders, we learned a thing or two about navigating complex projects from start to finish under tight deadlines. Since then, we've learned how to guide clients from concept to launch under varying circumstances. Regardless of your business or industry, we're happy to lend our expertise so your team can move faster.

Technology used
UI / UX Design

Design is how it works

Whether you're looking to build a website or an API - design isn't just what it looks like, it's how it works. At MHL, we love helping clients unpack their story and conceptualize the UI / UX through flowcharts and wireframe mockups. Once everyone's on the same page, we typically design in code so you get a functional prototype that we can fill in from there.

Technology used
Web Apps

Functional Experiences

Static websites are a thing of the past. These days, consumers yearn for interactive sites that allow them to engage with your brand on their terms. We love building web apps due to their universal access, functional nature, and unlimited potential. And, to help expedite development, we've authored open and closed-source libraries for React that make our process a breeze.

Technology used
Mobile Apps

Always with you

Mobile apps used to be a tedious endeavour but with the advent of cross-platform frameworks like React Native they're far easier today. We love building mobile apps since we have some many more tools at our disposal such as the camera, wallet, geo-location, bluetooth, and more. Similar to the web, we've authored open-source libraries for React Native that make our process a breeze.

Technology used
React Native
Server Apps

Grand Central Station

Behind every great user experience, there's a server application conducting the orchestra. Servers play a critical role in the performance, flexibility and scalability of any project. If done right, they also house the bulk of your business logic providing a single source of truth. Similar the web and mobile, we've authored closed-source libraries for Node that make our process a breeze.

Technology used

The nuts and bolts

It seems like anyone can build an app and publish it on the web these days. But, it's far more complex building a cloud-computing infrastructure that's flexible, scalable, and secure. At Mile Hi Labs, we take pride in offering enterprise-grade infrastructure from development to production so you can grow with confidence.

Technology used
What's Included

Batteries always included

As a team that loves what we do, we treat every project as an opportunity to publish our best work yet. Rest assured, we'll always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Blazing Fast Performance

We optimize every project from initial page load to critical business processes to ensure customer success.

Flexible Code

We constantly abstract chunks of code into smaller components to maximize flexibility and development speed.

Scalable Infrastructure

We always consider the bigger picture so our work can serve as the foundation of your business for years to come.

Security First

From client-side apps to server-side data storage - we take every precaution to ensure your data is secure.

Logical Design

We always let logic dictate design and architectural decisions so others can navigate our work intuitively.

Maximum Usability

We tend to believe less is more and will always go the extra mile to ensure maximum usability across every device.

System-Wide Audit

We put every project through a rigorous system-wide audit that before your final review.

Modern Tooling

We rely on vetted and industry-accepted tools that are forward leaning to get the job done.

Client Satisfaction

Every project is measured by your satisfaction so rest assured that will always come first.

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