We're a software development team based in Denver Colorado that specializes in web, mobile, and cloud computing apps. If you can dream it, we can build it. So, let's get to work.
What we do

Your swiss army knife

Our team honed our skills working on startups where we learned how to design, build and scale platforms that just work. With that comes the ability and knowledge to avoid common pitfalls while staying laser-focused on your north star.

Social Networking
Data Aggregation
API Services
Internet of Things
Software as a Service
Platform as a Service
Data Integration
Other Ideas
Who we are

Your partner for the road ahead

We know technology can be overwhelming. Whether discussing the complexities of your platform or the latest framework - it's easy to make anyone's head spin. That's why we focus on building partnerships founded on transparency and collaboration. So you can focus on more important items while we do the heavy-lifting.

Our Playbooks

Let's move fast together

We use our own flavor of agile that breaks projects down into smaller, more nimble sprints. That way, you'll have plenty of opportunity to collaborate and share feedback while we push forward.


We'll use this time to deep dive into your concept, explore oportunities, and establish concrete objectives.


We'll use this time to visualize your concept via flow-charts, wireframes, and coded prototypes.


We'll use this time to build features, test and optimize everything against the criteria we've set.


We'll setup staging and production environments with single-click deploys so your team can test and rollout features.


We'll help you gather feedback from multiple channels and translate it into actionable intelligence.

Rinse & Repeat

We'll work with you to establish a process that works for you and keeps us on track to accomplish your goals.

What we deliver

Exceptional results

As your partner, it's our job to navigate the project from start to finish while filling in the gaps. After all, you're hiring us to ask the right questions, read between the lines, and turn your ideas into production-ready applications. Rest assured, we'll do that and more while keeping your project on-time and within budget.

Why us

Driven by passion

Like any artist, we treat every project as an opportunity to produce our greatest work yet because we're passionate about what we do and want our work to be shared. So, rest assured, we'll always go the extra mile to ensure we exceed your expectations and our own.

Exceptional Performance

Everything we build uses modern technology we've already vetted so you get top-notch performance from first paint to critical processes.

99.9% Uptime

If we built your cloud infrastructure we'll guarantee 99.9% uptime performance with around the clock service and monitoring for any outages.

Bug Free

We install bug reporting software in all our projects and will work with you to fix any bugs related to our code free of charge.

Case Study

DMC Management Services

Business Administration
Mile Hi Labs partnered with DMC Management Services to build a business administration platform that would facilitate better customer relationships and operations.
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