Our Playbooks

Your swiss army knife

We use our flavor of agile that breaks projects down into smaller, more nimble sprints. That way, you'll have plenty of opportunity to collaborate and share feedback while we push forward.

Start with the basics

In this phase, we'll deep dive into all aspects of your project so we can establish a road map, budget forecast and our shared objectives. This phase typically consists of a few meetings, our proposal, and eventually a signed contract and deposit before moving into the next phase.


Design is how it works

In this phase, we'll visualize your concept via flowcharts and wireframes taking into account the underlying data and coding we'll use down the road. Once everyone's on the same page, we'll design in code so you get a dynamic prototype that we can modify and fill in from there.


Rubber hits the road

The bulk of our work will take place in development where we connect the dots adding functionality and data integration(s) to the project we've already built. At this point, you can expect regular demos from our team giving you the opportunity to test and share feedback while we push forward.


Performance and usability

Though we constantly test and review our work in development this phase is reserved for a deeper inspection. We typically start this phase by optimizing both the code and user experience to ensure it's future-proof and production-ready. Then, we'll conduct multiple audits to ensure everything is functioning as desired before your final review.


The finishing touches

Before going to production, we always finish with a system-wide audit to ensure smooth-sailing well into the future. Typically that means documentation, account transfers, system monitoring, bug tracking, database backups, security audits, and more. That said, things do happen from time to time and we'll stand by our work knowing the customer comes first.


Smarter, Data-Driven Approach

In this phase, we'll work with you to gather analytics from multiple channels and translate it into actionable feedback. This way, you're able to incorporate more intelligence into your decisions and fuel feature development accordingly.


A process you can count on

Whether we've spent weeks or months on your project, we want it to be shared and used by the world just as much as you do. That's why every project we ship needs to match your standards as well as ours.

Weekly Standups

Weekly standups keep the project on schedule and allow time for collaboration.

Code Review

Internal testing and peer-review ensure code clarity, scalability, and usability for the end-user.

Regular Demos

Regular demos give your team ample opportunity to review and share the project with others.

Automatic Hooks

Commit / deploy hooks will alert your team when code gets pushed and new builds are available.

System Audit

System audits ensure your project meets all our quality standards as if it were our own.

Team Training

Team training ensures your team's comfort and confidence in every aspect of the project.

Detailed Billing

Detailed billing maintains transparency and helps everyone gauge future projects.


We document every project so anyone can access, navigate, and contribute to the project in the future.

Account Ownership

From the very start, you'll own every aspect of your project so there's never an issue with hand-off.

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