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We know technology can seem overwhelming. That's why we build partnerships founded on transparency, collaboration, and results. We find that's the best way to do great work.
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DMC Management Services

Business Administration

Mile Hi Labs partnered with DMC Management Services to build a business administration platform that would facilitate better customer relationships and operations.

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Digital Marketplace Software

Mile Hi Labs partnered with Blush to build a digital marketplace that would facilitate on-demand hair and makeup bookings for their network of salons.

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Beauty Broker

Digital Marketplace

Mile Hi Labs partnered with Beauty Broker to build a digital marketplace where independent operators in the beauty space could promote, book and manage their own business.

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Ski Lift Designs

E-commerce & Branding

Mile Hi Labs partnered with the team at Ski Lift Designs to help them establish their brand identity and develop an e-commerce solution, hosted on Shopify, that could serve as the foundation of their business.

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Group Transportation Bookings

Members of our team founded Joyrides in 2016 to modernize the group transportation industry, comprised of limousine and charter-bus operators through online bookings and invoicing software.

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Event Promotion & Registration

Members of our team founded Myhub in 2014 to provide an integrated set of event registration and publishing tools for any website.

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