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Our team found their passion for technology working on startups where we learned how to design, build, and scale quickly and efficiently.
About us

Building a Better Future

The world is changing and software is leading the way. For consumers, software is changing the way we interact with the world and each other. In business, software is leveling the playing field and, in some cases, re-defining the playing field itself.
At Mile Hi Labs, our team honed our skills working on startups where we learned how to design, build, and scale platforms in competitive markets. Prior to Mile Hi Labs, we built companies from the ground up powering over $1M dollars in transactions. Since then, we've built open-source libraries and client-based platforms that collectively serve thousands of customers.
Regardless of your industry, every business needs a partner that's fluent in business, software, and technology. That way, you're always prepared for the unknown while forging ahead at competitive rate.
Eric Hubbell
Founder @ Mile Hi Labs

Our Guiding Principles

Customer First

Nothing else matters if we aren't listening to our customers and delivering on their needs.

Exceptional Work

Every project offers a new opportunity to produce our greatest work yet. Let's seize that opportunity.

Stay Genuine

Relationships are everything so it's important to stay focused on what's best for the client.

Maintain Transparency

If we believe in the job we're doing and how we're doing it, then we have nothing to hide.

Reliability is key

The nature of our business is already complex, so it's critical we remain a pillar that our partners can count on.

Always Be Learning

Learning and adapting is at the core of what we do. So, find time to ask questions and find answers responsibly.

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